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Just for Me

I think most of us tend to be on the run. I am very guilty of that. AS a matter of fact I feel guilty when I sit and just read. I am always questioning myself, what should I be doing. I have come to the point of taking time for me. Around 4pm I sit down with my favorite candle lit, a cup of tea, and a favorite magazine. This is my time! I find that this little respite makes me feel pampered. It is also very calming. It can be a time to reflect.

If my husband is traveling, this can extend to a light dinner. A few simple tea sandwiches, sliced apples, and a few cookies or any sweet make this an elegant ME time. I always sip my tea from a china cup. It makes me feel special!  What a wonderful mental and spiritual exercise this can be.

Take the time today. Even if it is for 10 minutes, you deserve it!                            Enjoy.

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